Wise-App is a direct and oriented customer marketing platform for retailers.

Market: Every place you find retailers, customer and smartphones - Wise-App will be there.


WiseApp provide the first in the world customer to retailers’ app (C2B), with a complete set of tools for customer’  satisfaction, and customer management.

Wise-App analytics system (WAAS) designed to know the customers, based on the wisdom of the crowds (C2B) and smart BI modules.

How it works

The demand from the fashion world today is to provide personal solutions and adaptations to each customer.
If the customer can not easily find the right item for her, all the resources invested in a fancy store, in a spectacular collection and signs with discount percentages will be found to be ineffective.

Retailers, on their part, go out of their way to improve the shopping experience in their stores to increase and improve their customer traffic.


Wise-App offers new social platform which aims to expose brands, in real-time, to the insights of what is constantly happening in their stores by harnessing the power of mass market such as the wisdom of the crowds and big data mining analytics with smart BI modules.
Wise-App addresses the core need of business-evaluation by providing the customer’s objective opinion about the quality of the service, the stuff, the products as well as future possible products.


Through our applications the customer would be able to inform real-time events in the store and the retailer would be able to analyze and react accordingly.

Direct connection from customer to retailers through the membrane of our app.

Generic  and suitable for all brands and languages.

The Product

Our Mission:

To establish new customer-retailer language!

Our products:

 APP that will allow any woman to have absolute confidence regarding the suitability of the item to her body structure.

WiseApp analytics system (WAAS) designed to know the customers satisfaction, based on the wisdom of the crowds (C2B) and smart BI modules.

About Us

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